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Event Title 5th Global Leaders Forum 2017
Subject Singularity Era is Coming
Date 2017, Nov.15(Wed)~16(Thu)
Place Lotte Hotel Seoul Crystal Ballroom (Sogong-Dong)
Language English ( Providing foreign language simultaneous interpretation)


Session 1: Singularity Era, Future of Humanity?
The singularity is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial intelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes in human lifestyle. Experts believe artificial intelligence will surpass human brain in year 2045.
Ray Kurzweil, the author of Singularity is Near, predicts that singularity will rapidly progress between year 2030~2045.

Will Singularity be the “Point of No return”?

What will human civilization look like in 20 years?
Session 2: AI, Surpassing Humanity & Changes in AI Technology
The AI technology development which were to make human life more convenient were always welcomed by people. It can select music through owner’s personal preferences data, helps parking with automatic parking system, and also prevent health problems. However, AI started to invade the borderline of art and creative field which has been considered as the ‘Human-only’ exclusive property. Today, people are losing places to stand with the invasion of AI in people’s dilettante life by writings poems and composing music. We are to look at the how the advancement in AI will change our lives.
Session 3: The Future of Korea's AI Industry
Tech superpowers like US are coming out with services with AI technology but Korea is just started its first step. While AI technology in medical and finance fields are having a hard time commercialize in Korea due to its regulations, UBER and Amazon is dominating the rest of the world’s market. Discussion on how Korea could respond and approach toward the wave of AI​.
Session 4. Evolution of Currency (FinTech / Virtual Money)
Cash and pocket money are facing its end.
‘Samsung Pay’, ‘Kakaobank’ Such integration of Finance with Technology has transformed financial services in our daily lives.
In 2016, World Economic Forum predicted that 80% of banks globally, will adopt blockchain by 2017.
Virtual Money based on blockchain technology, how far can FinTech go?
Session 5. Dominating the Platform!
Google with ‘Android’, is making inroads on world mobile market, Facebook, connecting global networking into one sphere; Air BnB, changing the conception of accommodation to ‘Sharing’. These corporations were able to become the world’s greatest and most profitable companies with platform strategies best suiting their users.

“Monopolizing pipeline will no longer make you world’s best”
Through success cases of platform strategies, we will search for solutions Korea should be doing.
Session 6. Education in Singularity Era
What would education be like in the future in Era of Singularity?
New education systems will be introduced with new technologies.
Online Open Courses like MOOC enabled everyone around the world participate in same lecture, easy access to exclusive informations that were once only available in prestigious universities.
We would like to see how the world leaders approach to global education revolution phenomenon.

Special Lecture

Special Lecture 1:: AI, is it an Evolution or Necessary Evil?
< Special Lecture 1:: AI, is it an Evolution or Necessary Evil? >

Best seller “The Revenge of Analog” emphasizes the importance of analog sensitivity in digital era. The author does not think the re-appearance of phonograph record and independent bookstore is just a nostalgia. Analog items fill the empty space in life that digital world could not fulfil. The way that people digitally make relationships will only be completed through face-to-face ‘analog’ meetings.
Special Lecture 2: The Grand Creation of ‘Batman’ Series
< Special Lecture 2: The Grand Creation of ‘Batman’ Series >

Michael Uslan is an executive producer of ‘Batman’ series, also various TV movies, documentaries, and animated TV series.
Driven by his special affection towards hero comic books led him to receive the world’s first doctorate of Comic Books at Monmouth University in 2012.
Further, Uslan was able to present the world ‘Batman’ series, with Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton.